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Still, the Beogram RX2 was kept around if only because it was economically dumb to repurchase all the old vinyl on CD.
So what we've decided to do here is evaluate the Rotel PP-955 as a package, and any comparisons to the Beogram RX2 are likewise package-to-package.
And Now Back to Our Feature: The initial difference between the two "packages" was the explosive improvement in overall presentation: the music, while never entirely an artifact of the RX2, seemed to have been freed from some kind of electronic bondage.
While the RX2 read it credibly, its wondrous dynamics soared with the RP-955.
Its rendering on the RX2 was flattened, virtually compressed into a teensy listening area compared to the wide open spaces of the RP-955.
The differences between the RX2 and the Rotel were as dramatic with pop recordings.
is introducing RX2 202 flame-retardant HIPS, which has a UL 94V-0 rating at 0.