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(a) Conventional measurement setup consisting of two half-wavelength dipoles along with (b) a transmitting ANI arrangement of dipoles (Tx1 to Tx4) together with two receiving antennas (Rx1 and Rx2) centered on the ANI central axis.
Table 1--Description of CAN Pin Pin name Pattern Description RX2, RX1 input serial input from CAN transceiver TX2, TX1 output serial output to CAN transceiver Table 2--Memory Map of CAN Module Address range Application E003 8000-87FF acceptance filter RAM(2048 byte) E003 C000-C017 register of acceptance filter E004 0000-000B register of central CAN E004 4000-405F register of CAN controller 2 E004 8000-805F register of CAN controller 2 Table 3--Main Standby Switching Table Control A Main A Switch B Main Signal B Standby To B A Stop A_busy high low low A_Octrl high high low B_busy high high high B_Octrl low high high Control B Main B Switch A Main Signal A Standby To A B Stop A_busy high high high A_Octrl low high high B_busy high low low B_Octrl high high low
The centre coil is called the transmit coil (Tx) and the outer coils are called receive coils (Rx1 & Rx2).
-- -- Gp1 1.00, (2009) [50] Gp2 1.10 Farquhar & -- -- 0.81 Snyder-Mackler (2010) [51] Galvao & Taaffe Rx1 0.48, -- -- (2005) [52] Rx2 0.41 Haus et al.
If [V.sup.A1.sub.1] is prefixed and known Rx2 and Rx3, [V.sup.B1.sub.2] and [V.sup.C1.sub.3] can be determined by single feedback from Rx 2 and Rx 3, respectively.
6 is computed, at each distance, by averaging levels of the four signals that exist between the two transmitting antennas (Tx1, Tx2) and the two receiving antennas (Rx1, Rx2).
[S.sub.C] RX1 RX2 [S.sub.C] = 0.35 -32.1 [micro]m/[degrees] OR [S.sub.C] = 0.60 -273 [micro]m/[degrees] +2.8 [micro]m/[degrees] [S.sub.C] = 0.95 -21.6 [micro]m/[degrees] OR [S.sub.C] RX3 RX4 [S.sub.C] = 0.35 +41.3 [micro]m/[degrees] +6.5 [micro]m/[degrees] [S.sub.C] = 0.60 +34.0 [micro]m/[degrees] +4.4 [micro]m/[degrees] [S.sub.C] = 0.95 +25.7 [micro]m/[degrees] +4.9 [micro]m/[degrees] [S.sub.C] RX5 RX6 [S.sub.C] = 0.35 -51.4 [micro]m/[degrees] +62.4 [micro]m/[degrees] [S.sub.C] = 0.60 -46.8 [micro]m/[degrees] +56.0 [micro]m/[degrees] [S.sub.C] = 0.95 -38.0 [micro]m/[degrees] +44.8 [micro]m/[degrees] OR: out of working range.
They "really didn't feel like it was a big deal" (RX2).
acaule (ROSS, 1986) e receberam as denominacoes de Rx1 e Rx2, respectivamente, tendo sido mapeados nos cromossomos XII e V (GEBHARDT & VALKONEN, 2001).
Not bad when you consider the car they race is a 36-yr-old 1974 Mazda RX2. I'm sure it won't take us too long to catch the Kiwis up and Mick will crack the magic seven seconds bracket soon, maybe even when he's over here at Bishopscourt.