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Profiled players in study from the coverage used under bottom-up approach are AmerisourceBergen (United States), Rx3 Pharmacy (United States), Agbis Sterile Compounding Pharmacy LLC (United States), B.
It can be seen from Figure 7 that the response value is the highest when the anomaly directly faces Rx1 receiving loop, the response signals of Rx2 and Rx6 loops are the same and are positive; while the response values of Rx3, Rx4, and Rx5 loops reversely face Rx1 loop are negative, and it is shown as the characteristics of the six curves in Figure 7-a.
Next, the feature vectors extracted from each of the scattering data received by Rx1, Rx2 and Rx3 using the 1-D FFT-based CLEAN algorithm.
where [f.sub.Rx3] is the feature vector extracted from the bistatic receiver Rx3, which is different in position from Rx2.
Tx Rx Capacity Correlation Correlation (90%) Rxl HH 0.55 0.56 8.9 [d.sub.TX-RX] VV 0.49 0.49 9.7 = 2 m HV 0.54 0.54 9.4 VH 0.56 0.55 9.1 Rx6 HH 0.48 0.48 10.1 [d.sub.TX-RX] VV 0.47 0.47 10.0 = 12 m HV 0.50 0.49 9.8 Rx3 VH 0.51 0.51 9.6 [d.sub.TX-RX] HH 0.45 0.46 10.1 = 26 m (t VV 0.48 0.48 10.2 Junction) HV 0.52 0.52 9.4 VH 0.48 0.48 9.8 Rx21 HH 0.49 0.50 9.6 [d.sub.TX-RX] VV 0.52 0.52 9.6 = 40 m HV 0.52 0.52 9.2 VH 0.52 0.52 9.3 Table 2.
The found particle size distribution is in total accordance with the results obtained by other authors for 1wt% Pd supported on RX3 carbon by means of the incipient wetness technique [27, 33].
The TPR trace of the carbonaceous support (RX3) is also presented in Figure 3.
Also new is the RX3 Roof Rocket Tool, an innovative tri-blade premium-carbide tool for greater efficiency in roof drilling.
If [V.sup.A1.sub.1] is prefixed and known Rx2 and Rx3, [V.sup.B1.sub.2] and [V.sup.C1.sub.3] can be determined by single feedback from Rx 2 and Rx 3, respectively.
The receiving antenna was placed at five different positions: on the right chest (Rx1); right wrist (Rx2); right ankle (Rx3); on the centre of the back (Rx4); and on the right side of the head (Rx5), as shown in Figure 2.
where [Y.sub.t] = ([p.sub.t], [m.sub.t], [q.sub.t])', with [p.sub.t], [m.sub.t], and [q.sub.t] defined as above, [DELTA] is the first difference operator, [[epsilon].sub.3t] ~ IN(0, [[summation].sub.3]), with [[summation].sub.3] a 3x3 matrix, and [Z.sub.t-1] = d[Y.sub.t-1], with d is an rx3 matrix of cointegration vectors, r is the rank of the cointegrating space (which is either 0, 1, or 2), and [a.sub.3], [b.sub.3], [c.sub.3], and [[summation].sub.3] are parameters estimated using historical U.S.