RXAReceived Data in Ascii
RXAReparable Exchange Activity
RXAPrescriptions Anonymous
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5: [E.sub.5] = [E.sub.3]-(1-(RxA)) | R ~ U([[R.sub.min], [R.sub.max]]), A ~ U([[A.sub.min], [A.sub.max]])
The lamb genotypes included are: Romanov (R), Awassi (I), Kivircik (K), Tuj (T), Anarom (AN), RxI (RomanovxAwassi), RxK (RomanovxKivircik), RxA (RomanovxAkkaraman), RxM (RomanovxMorkaraman) and F1 Romanov (Romanovxnative Turkish).
According to RxA chief executive officer Margaret Wing, those acts laid the groundwork for further expansion of the pharmacist's consulting role.
1) The relative trade advantage (RTA) is expressed as the difference between the revealed export advantage (RXA) and revealed import advantage (RMA)
The first and the most popular solution from RXA is called Top-Scoring Pair (TSP) [3].
For the analysis, two methods are employed: the (1) domestic resource costs (DRC) and (2) revealed comparative export advantage indices (RXA).
Wing, who has been a member of the management staff of RxA since 2007, was appointed to the CEO position in April 2010.
"Government still does not engage our profession in the decision-making process," remarked RxA president Byron Bergh.
RxA expressed surprise that the province gave the green light to such a large cut without consulting the businesses most affected by the reduction.
A survey earlier this year by the Alberta Pharmacists' Association (RxA) revealed that most of its members will prescribe medications under the new act.