RXCReceive Clock
RXCReflection X Connection (computing)
RXCRecovered Clock
RXCRavecore (music genre)
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Whole-body individual bioimpedance vectors were analyzed by the standard, reference RXc score graph (Piccoli et al., 2002), according to the healthy, Italian reference population (Piccoli et al., 1995).
RxC ProLOGS incorporates in-depth market research, innovative concept development, advanced analytics, cross-functional client input, and industry best practices to produce actionable insights for maximizing product value.
A remark on algorithm 643: FEXACT: An algorithm for performing Fisher's exact test in rxc contingency tables.
For a RxC NPS, it buffers R-1 full rows of input image in RBs by using Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs) as chain of shift registers [5].
A associacao entre a variavel dependente (VPPB) com as variaveis independentes (idade, genero, perda auditiva, tontura, dor cervical, cefaleia e ADM de cervical de flexao, extensao, rotacao para a direita, rotacao para a esquerda, flexao lateral para a direita, flexao lateral para a esquerda) foi realizada pelo teste do quiquadrado ([X.sup.2]) para tabelas de contingencia 2X2 ou rXc de acordo com a necessidade.
Furthermore, categorical analyses in RxC cross-tables were performed to compare the prognostic values of each Th subset and to identify their cutoff values.
RxC chi-squared tests were employed to compare the distributions of genotypes and alleles in each STR.
More than 50 SR3 SLs have been delivered to customers around the world in the last 18 months, and the model has now been joined by a larger, closed-cockpit brother - the Radical RXC.
BIOMstat for Windows 3.3s (Rohlf and Slice, 1999) was used in univariate analyses, including RxC contingency, goodness-of-fit, and Fisher's exact tests for analysis of frequencies, and linear regression, and analysis of variance (ANOVA) to assess continuous variables.