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RXDReceived Data
RXDRelationship Experience Division (Microsoft; India)
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The symmetry of the RxD signal on the receiving node is defined by the symmetry performance of the transmitting and receiving node.
ANOVA Source of variation P > F P rate (R) 0.003 Soil depth (D) 0.012 RxD ns Average treatments P rate ([micro]g g % retention [soil.sup.-1]) 60 33.2 a 120 28.5 b Soil depth (cm) 0-10 29.1 b 10-20 32.6 a Means in the same column followed by the same letter are not significantly different from each other based on the Duncan test (0.05).
Innovation and invention are usually due to the knowledge attraction in research and development of (RXD) and other units of company.
Figure 1 shows the transceiver loop delays from TXD to the bus and back to RXD.
Serial data is transmitted on TXD port pin and received on RXD pin.