RXLRegular Expression Laboratory (software)
RXLRoundwound Extra Light (guitar strings)
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Recently, VMC and RXL jointly acquired a combined 90% interest in ML 57/641 "Currans Find" of 300ha and a combined 90% interest in ML 57/642 of 59ha "Pinchers" (Figure 1 in link below) from Murchison Earthmoving & Rehabilitation Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned company of Mr Doug Taylor.
Both versions of the RX ride on the 109.8-inch wheelbase, but the RXL is 4.4 inches longer overall (196.9 inches versus 192.5 inches) to accommodate the extra row.
With exception of Immage, BN II, Vitros 5600 BCG, Dimension RxL BCP, and Dimension Vista BCP, all measurement procedures had statistically significantly lower biases for serum from patients on renal dialysis compared to patients without renal disease (Fig.
The parameters measured using the Dimension RxL system were:
The company said that the Aquilion RXL reconstructs images faster and includes the latest dose reduction technologies, providing faster, safer information to physicians and patients.
Several adsorbant concentrations were used to determine the efficiency of color removal and choice of the best adsorbant concentration in the adsorption process of the acid dyes yellow Erionyl RXL, acid navy blue Erionyl R and acid red Erionyl A-3B, at 60[degrees]C.
For the RXL model, the [epsilon]nit are i.i.d, extreme value variates for all n, i, and t, and the choice probabilities for any period t are conditional on an individual-specific vector [[beta].sub.n].
The control has been assayed specifically for 30 different analytes on the following chemistry analyzers: Abbott ARCHITECT c8000; Roche COBAS 6000; Alfa Wassermann ACE; Roche COBAS Integra; Alfa Wassermann ACE Alera; Roche COBAS 400+; Beckman CX5; Roche COBAS Mira S; Beckman CX7; Roche COBAS Mira+; Beckman CX9; Roche Hitachi 911; Beckman DXC600; Roche Hitachi 912; Medica EasyRA; Roche Modular; Olympus AU400; Siemens Advia 1200; Olympus AU2700; Siemens Advia 1650; Ortho Vitros 250; Siemens/Dade Dimension RxL; Ortho Vitros 5,1 FS; and Siemens/Dade Dimension Xpand.
France-based Rexel SA (Rexel) (RXL.FR) is aiming to raise EUR400m in extra sales by 2012.
Also new this year is the Rxl and Rx2 with Carter's Interchangeable Tension System (I.T.S.).
Let's start with the Viper Jnr RXL 40E which features a two stoke air-cooled engine with automatic trans- mission.