RXLEVReceive Level
RXLEVReceived Signal Level
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It is obvious that B([chi]) correction factor has an important impact on the conversion of RxLev to the MS-BS distance.
Both parameters RxLev and B factor have an important impact for definition of MS-BS distance.
Priority of B factor and RxLev value for BS selection were same.
The RxLev has significant impact on estimation of BS-MS distance [16].
The next key factor affecting RSS based positioning accuracy is an ability to determine precise MS-BS distance on the basis of measured RxLev. Therefore it is important to observe this factor.
The distance calculated from measured RxLev is represented by r in [km].
Then the sector with the highest RxLev was used for the position estimation.
5 shows the histogram of RxLev for serving cell and neighbour cells in the rural environment.