RXRARetinoid X Receptor, Alpha
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Three of the five enriched TFs in DEGs of the early stage of DN are nuclear hormone receptors, including HNF1A, NR1H3, and RXRA. Nuclear hormone receptors are TFs that regulate carbohydrate metabolism, lipid metabolism, the immune response, and inflammation.
The obesogens TBT and triphenyltin have been previously shown to activate both PPAR[gamma] and RXRa and to increase lipid storage in adipocytes (Grun et al.
(d) The proliferation of LO2 with CCK8 assay and Western blot and analysis of P38, p- P38, PPAR[gamma], and RXRa. Data are expressed as mean [+ or -] SD (n = 6, *P < 0.05 for ConA versus control, (#) P < 0.05 for ConA + fucosterol (25 mg/kg) versus ConA, (+) P < 0.05 for ConA + fucosterol (50 mg/kg) versus ConA + fucosterol (25 mg/kg), and (^)P < 0.05 for ConA + fucosterol (100 mg/kg) versus ConA + fucosterol (50 mg/kg)).
Lloyd, "Disruption of Rxra gene in thymocytes and T lymphocytes modestly alters lymphocyte frequencies, proliferation, survival and T helper type 1/type 2 balance," Immunology, vol.
Neh7 domain interacts with retinoid X receptor alpha (RXRa), responsible for Nrf2/ARE signaling inhibition [61].
Significant decreases in the mRNA levels of genes that mediate lipogenesis and FASN promoter activities were detected in SKBR-3 cells cultured in the presence of MGDG, although the levels of expression of LXRa, LXR/3, and RXRa were unchanged (Fig.
GC, VDR, and RXRA polymorphisms were not associated with risk of death in patients on RRT in our retrospective analysis [2].
Methylation of retinoid X receptor-[alpha] (RXRA) chr9:136355885+ (in cohort 1 and 2) and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) chr7:150315553+ (in cohort 1 only) at birth was correlated with greater adiposity in later childhood.
have found that phosphorylated RXRa is phosphorylated by p-ERK1/2, a critical mechanism in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma [27].
Two mutations in AKR1C1 p.Arg170His and RXRA p.Pro22Leu, genes involved in bile acid metabolism (according to the Reactome databases), were found in patient number 5, and a mutation in ABCC4 p.Lys304Asn, a gene involved in bile acid transport and secretion, was uncovered in patient number 6 (Table 3 B, C).
miR-27a RXRa, ABCA1, FASN, RXRa, ABCA1, FASN, SREBP1, SREBP2, SREBP1, SREBP2, PPAR[alpha], PPAR[alpha], PPAR[gamma] ApoA1, PPAR[gamma] ApoA1, ApoB100, ApoE3 ApoB100, ApoE3 miR-27b PPAR[gamma], ANGPTL3, miR-27b is predicted to NDST1, GPAM target 27 mRNAs involved in lipid metabolism; targets in the second column have already been validated.