RXTReservoir Exploration Technology (Norway)
RXTRecreational Extreme Truck (International)
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The result of antibiogram of Staphylococcus aureus showed that the organism was sensitive to CX, AMC, vancomycin and OX and resistant to cefazolin, chloramphenicol, erythromycin, OFX, penicillin, CTX and RXT.
O que fica evidente e que, no periodo do tratamento com RxT e/ou QxT, esses pacientes se encontram mais debilitados tanto emocionalmente quanto fisicamente e demonstram um incomodo maior com sua propria imagem:
The total number and type of complications in each group were recorded, as was the timing of RXT, before or after the reconstruction.
* Fase 1: Recogida de datos del paciente, del CVCPT y recopilacion de RxT recientes; de control tras la implantacion, pertenecientes a series uremicas anuales y RxT de revision.
Impressed by the RxT Smart Productivity Test Platform with realGATE, one of the judges commented, "the RxT platform will simplify turn-up, analysis and maintenance of data networks.
The deal allows RXT to focus on its business in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and western Africa where it had already built a strong position, it added.Country: , BrazilSector: Business and Consumer Services, Petroleum/Natural Gas/CoalType: JVStatus: Closed
GL Variaveis MIC STR COMP UNIF Rotacao (R) 6,15 ** 7,25 ** 1,34ns 3,22 * T, amostra (T) 3 28,40 ** 1,78ns 15,9 ** 0,33ns PDRL (P) 2 1,04 ns 0,13ns 1,04ns 0,12ns RxT 6 2,18 ns 1,26ns 3,34 ** 1,21ns RxP 4 2,68 * 1,55ns 0,77ns 0,71ns TxP 6 3,31 ** 1,57ns 1,46ns 2,19ns RxTxP 12 1,30 ns 1,54ns 0,95ns 0,18 * Residuo 108 CV% 4,18 3,77 2,39 1,26 F.
Gas ([micro]mol) = Px((total gas volumexindividual percentage)-(blank gas volumexindividual percentage))/ (RxT), which is based on a temperature of 312[degrees]K and pressure of atmosphere and plunger weight.
A convenient pad for water sports, this 50-meter motor yacht boasts a 16.4 ft amphibious vehicle, a Hov Pod 12 ft hovercraft, two electric land scooters, a Seabob and a Sea-Doo RXT 250 jet ski.
In addition to the water crafts tested on the fun day out, Zubair Automotive also distributes the BRPEoe1/4aos Jet Ski Eoe1/4Y[pounds sterling]Hero ModelEoe1/4ao the RXT (three-seater) and RXP (two-seater) that boasts of a 255hp engine that rackets from 0 to 80km in 2.9 seconds.
Hop on a Sea-Doo RXT IS 260 watercraft, where you'll have 260hp to play with, a brake, and room for two more on the back.
Estas determinaciones se procesaron por medio del metodo enzimatico, utilizando un espectrofotometro automatizado RXT Bayer.