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Some manuscripts are planned for this: A, Ha4, Ry2, Ry3, Na, As, Do, Hnl, and Hn2 are ruled with thirty-one fines per folio, which corresponds to four stanzas per page with a fine gap between each stanza; likewise Qu and Ral are ruled with thirty-nine fines and so are planned to hold five stanzas with a fine gap per page; and Ry4, Ma, and Tc are ruled with twenty-eight fines, planned to hold four stanzas per page without a fine gap.
Likewise, Ry3 demonstrates the same concern: from folio 75v to folio 81r, the complete stanza layout is thrown off slightly, and the rubric causes two lines to be carried over.
Linne Mooney suggests that London, British Library MS Royal 17.D.xviii (Ry3), a copy of The Regiment of Princes, is in Hoccleve's hand: Linne Mooney, "A Holograph Copy of Thomas Hoccleve's Regiment of Princes," Studies in the Ages of Chaucer 23 (2011): 263-296.