RYCOMRyukyus Command
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Casey Witkowicz, chief executive officer of RYCOM, stated, "Our solutions and services are a large part of the transaction payments industry in Canada RYCOM's point of sale payment transactions services deliver fast, reliable and secure payments nationally and abroad, transporting over 1.
We at RYCOM will integrate Iridian's iris recognition technology into a wide range of applications throughout Canada, providing the utmost in security and convenience for both our customers and end-users.
RYCOM works closely with Canada's telephone companies, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, wireless companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and will make the SysGear products available through distribution channels such as Ingram Micro and Tech Data.
With RYCOM as our Canadian partner, SysGear products are easily available through distribution and telecommunications companies," said Michael Carter, vice president of sales and marketing for SysGear Technology.
Led by former Motorola executives and employees, RYCOM was assigned all Canadian business operating interests of Motorola Information Systems Group's Network Systems Division.
We are pleased to win this competitive bid and to be working with the RYCOM team," said Greg Ioffe, Vice President and General Manager of Tut's Private Broadband Networks Business Unit.
Casey Witkowicz, president and CEO of RYCOM, added "RYCOM is pleased to provide the U of T an easy to deploy, secure broadband connectivity over existing and aging copper infrastructure, extending the working life of this infrastructure and avoiding costly copper wiring replacement".
com; or Mandy Sandher, GM, Business Development RYCOM Inc (Canada), +1-905-502-6616 ext.
The deal is a win in the long-term strategy by RYCOM and Tut Systems to create complete multi-tenant networking solutions for commercial office high-rises, business parks and campuses, and retail centers.
Under the agreement, RYCOM will provide networking and communications solutions: using Tut's Expresso remote access equipment, Motorola's multi-service Vanguard routing equipment, and Adlex's full-feature IP network management system.
RYCOM created a strong architecture for the installation through the use of a range of Tut, Motorola and Adlex products that are scalable and easy to install, and are designed to lower the cost of ownership for both solution providers and business owners.
RYCOM is Adlex's integrator and sales agent in Canada.