RYDARubaga Youth Development Association (Australia)
RYDARotary Youth Driver Awareness
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The one-day RYDA program is a series of six interactive workshops which help students develop and practice skills which will help them to respond positively to challenges on the road, both as drivers and highly influential passengers.
RYDA is a practical and powerful road safety education program that helps high school students lay the foundation for safe road use throughout their lives.
The RYDA program is delivered nation-wide each year to more than 50,000 high school students.
I am pleased we are supporting initiatives like RYDA which is better preparing them for a lifetime of save driving.
The RYDA Program has been operating in Tasmania since 2006, and this years program will see 70 high schools and approximately 4,500 students participating around the State.
The Tasmanian Government provides $75,000 funding per year from the Road Safety Levy to support the delivery of the RYDA Program in Tasmania.
The RYDA Program targets awareness and attitudinal change and seeks to encourage students who are on the verge of entering the licensing system to take a more responsible attitude to driving.
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