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RYESRainbow Youth Excellence Society (Vancouver, Canada)
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Michter's is very proud of its heritage, which dates back to the founding of America's first whiskey company in 1753 by John Shenk, a Swiss farmer in Pennsylvania, who produced whiskey from rye grain, which was so valued that then-General George Washington purchased this for his troops, so they claim that Michter's was 'the whiskey that warmed the American Revolution.' Shenk's distillery was purchased by Dutchman Abraham Bomberger in the mid-1800s and became known as Bomberger's before it was closed during the Prohibition.
At a whiskey tasting hosted by Wine Depot's Brett Tolhurst, we tried a US*1 Bourbon , a US*1 Rye, a Sour Mash, a 10-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon and a 10-year-old Kentucky Straight Rye.
in Purcellville, VA; Southern Efficiency carries its Roundstone Rye ($5.50 an oz.), the Rabble Rouser Rye ($9) and the Kings Mountain Malt ($16).
American single malt whiskeys bridge the gap between bourbon and rye and bottles made across the pond in Scotland.
"Rye stands out,'' says Mark Bylok, author of the recently released "The Whisky Cabinet.'' "People started tasting rye and enjoying it, they wanted that character and spiciness.'' But ryes today "are just in their infancy,'' he points out.
Fans of brown spirits are taking a rye approach to imbibing.
In the 1970s, Doug Rye was the state architect for the Farmers Home Administration.
* Sazerac Rye--Famed Buffalo Trace has two remarkable, super-premium ryes in their portfolio.
FL-SYNT tetraploid spring rye (Secale cereale L.) germplasm (Reg.
"You'll also find that most rye, pumpernickel and oatmeal breads are largely white flour" they say.
Two rye (Secale cereale L.) germplasms were developed by cytogenetic chromosome engineering to introduce the Glu-D1d locus from chromosome 1D of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)(UCRR1-2001, Reg.