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RYLRisk Your Life (gaming, MMORPG)
RYLRyland Group, Inc. (stock symbol)
RYLRecoverYourLife (self help website)
RYLRuin Your Life (precursor to Recover Your Life)
RYLRead You Later
RYLReprogram Your Life, LLC (est. 1977; Silver Spring, MD)
References in classic literature ?
First entered a band of Ryls from the Happy Valley, all merry little sprites like fairy elves.
"These are my Ryls," pointing to the little sprites squatting around him.
"I've read of the Ryls and Knooks," said Dorothy, looking upon these little workers with interest.
In a flash he was gone, and the Ryls and Knooks with him; but they could all hear the golden hoofs of the Saw-Horse ringing on the marble pavement outside, as he pranced away with his noble rider.