RYNORip Ya a New One (gaming weapon, Ratchet and Clank)
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Using front to back gyro accelerometer technology, like the Segway, the RYNO has a simple pivot and balance system that has a slight learning curve, but quickly becomes easy.
There is something about sitting on the RYNO with the handle bars and giving the rider something to crank on that makes it easier.
As the RYNO is intended to be a multiterrain, urban vehicle, Hoffman wanted to allow the bike to handle pot-holes and off-the-curb riding.
According to Hoffman, the RYNO brings a new technology to the industry with its electromechanical disk brake system.
As an electric mobility product, the RYNO is safe to operate inside and out, so all these combined features allow riders to "enter an elevator, spin around, press the floor button, and then effortlessly back-up like any other person that is walking.
We welcome the addition of RYNO Technology as part of our rapidly growing company," said W.
Founded in 1987, privately-held RYNO Technology focuses exclusively on providing enterprise server-based computing solutions utilizing Citrix(R) MetaFrame(TM) XP and Microsoft Windows(R) terminal services platforms.
RYNO is known for developing innovative methodologies for designing and deploying enterprise server-based computing solutions.
We are very proud to be joining the Vector organization," said Steve Kaplan, president of RYNO.
RYNO Technology has headquarters in Benicia, California with satellite offices in Fresno and Santa Rosa, California.
There is no question that purchasing Windows terminals is much more environmentally friendly than purchasing a PC," said Steve Kaplan, president of RYNO Technology.