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RYOTRallying Youth Organizers Together (Milford, PA)
RYOTRevolutionary Youth of Today (Minnesota Spoken Word Association)
RYOTReal Youth of Today
RYOTResurrection Youth of Today (Plano, TX)
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RYOT's ability to power augmented reality through our owned-and-operated app opens up so many possibilities, and we're looking forward to collaborating with RYOT on more of the brands in our portfolio, and to bring the opportunities to our marketing partners as well.
RYOT will join news, opinion, and entertainment provider The Huffington Post to deliver films, linear video, 360[degree sign], and VR content.
First, the cigarette, little cigar, and RYOT data were limited to codified statutory and administrative law and do not include Attorneys General opinions, case law, or departments of revenue-issued notices, rulings, or decisions.
He then narrated how their band has been working with RYOT to supply medical aid, boats and shelter to Filipino typhoon survivors.
RYOT News, on the other hand, is a news site that allows its readers to take action on each of its stories.
Two Naib-Dewans (Deputies of the Nawab in the field of revenue administration) remained directly responsible for the collection of revenue (12) and under their control and supervision Zamindars (somewhat like feudal landlords) collected land revenue from the ryots (cultivators/peasants).
As the Collector of Ahmednagar wrote in 1907, the average ryot would take any measure to avoid displeasing creditors.
45) Laurence Humphrey's Of Nobilytie (1563) succinctly (and unsympathetically) summarizes the preferred lifestyle of this class: "hawkynge, huntynge, pastimes, mightye power, vayne vauntes, traynes of horse, and servauntes, ryot, myschyfes, bravery, roysteringe porte, or greate lyne.
Akademi, Anglo-Indian, Auto-rickshaw, basic education, batch, bifurcation, black money, bimonthly (which is actually a fortnightly but in India the term is used to describe a two-monthly), collector, convocation, congress, communal, crore, dacoit, gazetted officer, godown, the High Command, join duty, liquor, mass leave, miscreant, pants, para, prepone, quarters, rally, relay fast, rickshaw, ryot, hunger-strike, temple, tiffin, toddy, trurban, venue of battle, etc.
At the gates of this fort of furies, stand Ryot and Calumny, in the shapes of gyants, with clubs, who offer to keep back the chariot of Vertue, and to stop her passage.
RYOT Studio | THE HUFFINGTON POST THE final stretch of the year can sometimes feel like the hardest.
The campaign leverages the capabilities of AOL's award-winning Partner Studio and Oscar Nominated HuffPost RYOT to encourage viewers to fearlessly pursue their dreams.