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RyRRyanodine Receptor
RYRRed Yeast Rice
RYRRobert Yates Racing (NASCAR)
RYRRyanair Ireland (ICAO code)
RYRReagan Youth Records
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No current understanding of the effects of RYR clearly explains these additional positive findings.
The issue with supplements such as RYR is that, since they are not regulated by the FDA, there is not a requirement to standardize the amount of the active ingredient in any given product.
The difference between RYR and Mevacor, though one is derived directly from nature and the other is synthesized in factories, is a matter of dosage.
Word has it that RYR wants Gilliland, whose part-time team, Clayton Andrews Racing, announced it was folding Monday.
While the provisions impacting the RYR case are found in a different part of the FFDCA, the language is strikingly similar to the NDI provisions of the FFDCA (i.
Yates' major headache carried on each year until 2005 when some of the RYR team went through a major home improvement store here for some supplies and found they were staring at themselves in the store's sparkling concrete floor.
It then provides analysis of clinical studies and scientific research in the use of RYR to treat hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, and cardiovascular disease.
COVENTRY RYR Motofest's plan to stage a one-night-only dance club in the newly-built Greyfriars tunnel on the ring road grabbed the imagination of listeners to Radio 6's Steve Lamacq show.
GARY RYR Rowett insists the renaissance which has eectively secured Birmingham City's Championship status won't lead to a period of 'ridiculous experimentation'.
CULINARY RYR superstar Jamie Oliver has praised chutney created by youngsters at their school, which is being sold at a Welsh centre of excellence.
MR RYR ANYANY , a constable at the time of the disaster, was accused of "witnessing the whole Hillsborough lie" when FA chief Graham Kelly visited the control box and was told by match commander David Duckenfield fans had forced a gate into the ground.
RUNNER-UP KING EDWAW A W RD PRIMARY RYR SCHOOL GREEN TEAM The Green Team at King Edward Primary is made up of a group of pupils who volunteer to work in their own time to raise awareness of local, national and international environmental issues across the school.