RYVRaise Your Voice (campaign; Missoula, MT)
RYVRenfrewshire Youth Voice (Renfrewshire, Scotland)
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La presencia de Perenniporia ohiensis (Berk.) Ryv. (Aphyllophorales) en Argentina y Uruguay.
& Ryv.; FFPRI 0507] and white-rot fungus [Trametes (Coriolus) versicolor (L.:Fr.) Pilat.; FFPRI 1030], were inoculated separately on 2 percent malt extract agar in petri dishes for 3 weeks at 23[degrees]C before placement of the specimens into the dishes.
& Ryv. FFPRI0507 (fungal accession number; Forest and Forest Products Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan) was measured according to the Japanese industrial standard (JIS) K 1571 (JISC 1998).