RZSRokometna Zveza Si
RZSRoyal Zoological Society (Australia)
RZSRokometna Zveza Slovenije (Slovenian: Handball Association of Slovenia)
RZSRandom Zero Sphygmomanometer
RZSRed Zone Scoring (football)
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Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht (RZS), based in Switzerland, is an exception when it comes to healing neurological patients.
During the presidential elections in 2011, the RZS party advertised their candidate, Atanas Semov, through billboards saying aI will dismiss Borisov.a
RZS was parliamentary represented in the previous General Assembly, but failed to reach the 4% threshold at the last snap general elections to win seats in 41st one.After threatening to "fire" now-former Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, during the 2011 presidential elections, and calling him Bulgaria's Kaddafi, just months later, Yanev became notorious once again by turning into Borisov's and his center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB's strongest ally.
According to RZS leader, Yane Yanev, the former PM is supporting the government established on the mandate of the left-wing Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, and backed by the liberal predominantly ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms, DPS, because they have assured him that by the end of the year the Parliament will revoke the moratorium on the ex-royal properties and he will be able to get them back.
He was always anonymous and will remain so," the RZS statement reads.
"Djankov was dismissed as Finance Minister because I went to former Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, and told him I had information the Minister had taken a very large bribe in the deal with the Brady bonds and the bond loan," said the RZS leader.
DPS is the "leader" with 16 agents, followed by BSP's Coalition for Bulgaria a 15, GERB a 6, RZS a 6, Ataka a 6.
"For example, we are about to learn some quite curious facts about the income of former EU Commissioner, Meglena Kuneva a not the politician Kuneva, but the banker Kuneva," the RZS leader declared.
RZS claimed that the meeting had been staged by "puppeteers" who had been pulling the strings ever since the wave of protests in Bulgaria started.
The RZS leader declared that effective March 3 his party is launching a new political campaign under the motto "join politics, change the system." He explained the parliamentary seats that would have been won from Mareshki's quota, would be given to citizens and civic organizations.
RZS also offers the President to schedule the proposed referendum for the same day as the upcoming early elections.
He explained that the marginal conservative RZS party had been collecting signatures for holding a referendum on the convocation of a Grand Assembly and was expected to back the proposal, as well as nationalist party Ataka, whose leader Volen Siderov had already voiced support for such a step.