RZSSRoyal Zoological Society of Scotland
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Barbara Smith, chief executive of the RZSS, said:"Our focus on wildlife education has had a huge impact across Scotland.
The RZSS have also made significant investments in the two Chinese pandas which arrived in 2011.
A spokeswoman for the RZSS said they had 137 volunteers and 200 core staff, excluding seasonal workers.
The RZSS reserve the right to cancel the event due to any unforeseen animal welfare issues.
Darren McGarry, animals director at the RZSS, joked: "They'll have to get used to bagpipes as they will be the VIPs at many ceremonies in Scotland'.
Donald Emslie, chairman of the RZSS board, has agreed to "give what information we can legally provide".
The RZSS have around 23,000 members but the meeting at the zoo's education centre will only be able to accommodate around 250.
He said: "The RZSS board-level investigation, with independent support, into anonymous, serious allegations made against Gary Wilson is now close to an end.
He resigned after the RZSS board met to discuss the sponsorship of pandas Tian Tian and Yangguang, due at the zoo in September.
RZSS president John Spence said: "They are shy animals but they prefer a cool climate and with plenty of bamboo we hope they'll breed.
Now, derelict land in the east end of Glasgow, due to be transformed for the 2014 Games, has been earmarked for a possible new "satellite" enclosure by the RZSS.
RZSS chief executive David Windmill said: "Working with giant pandas means so much more to us than introducing a new species to our collection.