RZWQMRoot Zone Water Quality Model
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Overall, however, Malone notes, "The model underestimates the benefit of cover crops in reducing nitrate discharge, because the nitrate losses simulated by the RZWQM were about 30 percent less than field observations in Iowa.
For cases in which a more detailed simulation and/or field study are needed, research models such as RZWQM, LEACHM, or ecosys, and research plots or farms can be used to establish refined values for NLI.
Initially, RZWQM was used in the Great Plains, Midwestern United States, and countries such as Canada, Germany, Portugal, and China.
Some of these models are NLEAP, LEACHM, CERES, EPIC, NTRM, RZWQM, and GPFARM.
Chemical companies could use RZWQM to get a quick answer on which new compounds seem safe, then conduct field studies on only those most likely to gain EPA approval.
RZWQM might show that a farmer should not apply all the nitrogen fertilizer at planting time, but instead apply it in two or three split applications.
Rojas says, "The scope of science RZWQM covers is just mind boggling.
Last summer, ARS agricultural engineer Hamid Farahani ran RZWQM to simulate no-till dryland corn production in eastern Colorado.
Buchleiter, an agricultural engineer in the ARS Water Management Research Unit at Fort Collins, tested RZWQM using data from a commercial farm in eastern Colorado.
In Missouri, ARS scientists evaluated RZWQM to see how accurately it could predict crop yields, surface water runoff, and chemical movement through the soil profile.