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RABITRapid Border Intervention Team (EU)
RABITRanked Ballot Initiative of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
RABITRapid Automated Bacterial Impedance Technique
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Ahmed Naveed, Director General Livestock told reporter that Sanam goat and Angor Rabit can adopt easily in KP environment and would help in milk and garments production respectively.
(93)) The EASO has attempted to improve Greece's protective standards and its asylum-processing capacity using a volunteer team of Member State "consultants," while the RABIT program has somewhat successfully decreased the number of asylum seekers for whom Greece is the initial point of entry.
The RABIT deployment, initiated by a request on October 24 by Greece, was provisionally planned for two months' duration from its initiation on November 2 2010.
Intervention Border teams (RABIT) as of 2 November, with an anticipated
Vestigial teeth in the rabit ,rat and mouse; their relationship to the problem of lacteal dentition In: Butler PM , Joysey KA , editors.Development , function and evolution of teeth.London:Academic press;1978.
The Hindus thought he was a Muslim communalist, the Muslims took him to be pro Hindu, the princes branded him to be too democratic, the British considered him a rabit extremist.
In order to study the growth rates of these organisms over a range of temperatures, scientists at Nottingham Trent University are using the Rapid Automated Bacterial lmpedance Technique (RABIT) from Don Whitley Scientific Ltd., West Yorkshire, U.K.
For example, one child wrote, "Im aaz nis e Rabit" (I'm as nice as a rabbit) in response to the book Listen to the Sounds of the Desert (Mora, 1996a).
This includes the automated RABIT system which can detect and count bacteria in hours as compared to the days required using conventional techniques, guaranteeing accurate results in the e fastest possible time.