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ROMERaces of Middle-Earth
ROMEReorientation of Medical Education
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ROMERape Oil Methylesther
ROMEReception & Onward Movement, Europe
ROMERemotely Operated Mobile Excavator
ROMEReconnaissance Operations Management Enterprise (US DoD)
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Though she refers to the races of Middle-earth as representing "different kinds of masculinities" (98), her argument does not explore these differences.
In many ways the estrangement of Elves from the other races of Middle-earth by the end of the Third Age stands in for the disappearance of shamanism traced by Glosecki.
Carl Hostetter counters Flieger's argument with a collection of documents that cast some doubt on this rigid division into "fated" and "free-willed" races, particularly documents relating to the Quenya base word MBAR, root of ambar "world" and umbar "fate." It is left as an exercise for the reader to determine just how clear-cut the difference may be between fate and free will and how it affects the interactions of the races of Middle-earth.