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RACHALReduce Annoying Computer Heat and Loudness (Computer Exhaust Systems)
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Rachal said: 'My goal is to ensure OHH continues to work in the most economical fashion to maximize the amount of monies available for distribution to our recipients each year, raised through corporate memberships, donations and annual fund-raising events.
Later, in an analysis of student remediation and effect on test scores, Rachal and Hoffman (1985) found that remediation did not improve academic deficiencies in students that failed the test.
Rachal will automatically be submitted in the running for the AAFP Family Physician of the Year award.
Released S Jonathon Amaya, C Adam Bice, WR Dan Buckner, DT David Carter, TE Alex Gottlieb, WR Charles Hawkins, G Senio Kelemete, LB Zack Nash, LB Colin Parker, TE Richard Quinn, G Chilo Rachal, S Curtis Taylor and WR Mike Thomas.
Rachal eds., 1969); see also Madison, supra note 25, at 142 (noting that Congress reserved the issue of whether the impost would be "collected under the authority of Congress").
Wilson and Rachal (1977) argue that in the United States, federal government internal regulation is likely to be less effective than regulation of business.
One reason the Bears have injuries at quarterback is the poor state of their offensive line, with another reshuffle required for today's game after Chilo Rachal and Gabe Cirimi were dropped, with Rachal responding by quitting the club.
Ten intervening variables were identified by Joy and Garcia (2000) from a meta-analysis study by Rachal (1993) for studies of computer aided instruction.
Masih was the father of an eight-month-old baby boy and his relatives wiped away the tears of his widow Rachal and cradled her as she sat distraught throughout the funeral in western Sydney.
Given that empathy has a long empirical history of facilitating other-forgiveness (e.g., McCullough, et al., 1998; McCullough, Worthington, & Rachal, 1997), some may have difficulty believing empathic feelings do not play key roles in self-forgiveness.
Additionally, up-to-date, accurate information on this field is not readily available (Rosenthal, Soper, Rachal, McKnight, & Price, 2004).