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The anti-racism law called "Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination Act" that was approved in October 2018 criminalizes all forms of racial discrimination acts.
Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) Conference, 19-20 February 2015)
Yet he and his lot are promoting their 'need' to allow for more 'freedom of speech' via watering down the 18C clause of the Racial Discrimination Act of 1975.
At the federal level, there is the Racial Discrimination Act 1975, which makes it unlawful to publicly "offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people" for racially-motivated reasons.
In Australia, the government has dumped a proposed amended to its Racial Discrimination Act to stop making it illegal for others to offend and insult based on a person's race.
"The ACT submission does not support the proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. The ACT Government is committed to promoting tolerance and inclusiveness in our community, so that all residents of the ACT are able to feel welcome, recognised and valued for the contribution they make to this city."
(99) The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) does apply to the Commonwealth, (100) and s9 prima facie prohibits distinctions based on race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin which impairs the exercise of human rights, and s10 provides for equality before the law, denying the validity of laws which mean that a person of a particular race, nationality or ethnic origin doesn't enjoy rights enjoyed by others or another race.
Koowarta asserted the Queensland Government was discriminating against Aboriginal people by preventing their acquisition of large areas of land and that this was in contravention of the Commonwealth's Racial Discrimination Act 1975.
Australia had earlier, handed a 109-page report to the committee detailing changes since Labor won power in 2007 to bring the intervention into line with the Racial Discrimination Act and to abolish temporary protection visas.
In an effort to get around the Racial Discrimination Act it has decided to go down the American path of close supervision of people who are doing it tough.
In 2007 John Howard, the former Australian prime minister, suspended the Racial Discrimination Act in the Northern Territory as he sent troops and police to help curb alcohol-fuelled sex abuse and domestic violence in isolated desert communities.
Due to our own Government's inefficiency and stupidity, places like Birmingham, Bradford, Leicester and Peterborough have lost many of their British traditions because local councillors are scared stiff of the Racial Discrimination Act.