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The PE15A7000 variable gain amplifier can be used on a test bench, but is also designed to fit into rack mount cabinet enclosures (size: 1U high and 10 inches deep).
Now, a 19 inch rack mount box is more of a permanent installation, but a fairly flexible installation, to be sure.
The Relion 405 Tower is the workstation equivalent of Penguin Computing's Relion 405 rack mount server.
Additionally, the SureStore HD Server 4000 is also available in a rack mount configuration.
With our private network design, unique approach to infrastructure and standing inventory of servers, customers can add customized hot-swap rack mount servers in two to four hours from order," concluded Mr.
The Rack Mount Coax Surge Protector can protect up to 16 video feeds transmitted via coax cable and has a low compact profile (one (1) rack unit high), and the EIA hole spacing is 1.
NASDAQ:SUNW) for its line of E-Disk(R) SAN Fibre Channel rack mount systems.
Now more efficient to manufacture and with improved lead time, the 8040C comes standard with GPS disciplining, RS-232 monitoring and control with six configurable outputs in a 1U rack mount chassis, making the cost per output the lowest in the industry.
The study is segmented into rack mount power and non-rack mount PDUs.
The rack mount capability of the NIC Plus EP is designed for environments where monitoring and testing occur over extended periods of time, requiring a permanent equipment installation.
The initial configurations are a 1U dual-processor rack mount system and a 4U quad-processor rack mount system.