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RADCOMRadar Communication
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RADCOMRobert and Angela Dianetti Communications
RADCOMRevised Alternative Dataflow Communications
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To run its activities, Belgocontrol must have efficient links between the site in Steenokkerzeel and regional airports for all highly critical applications, such as radar communication, voice, weather, ...
The air defense base simultaneously also presented the Matla ol-Fajr tactical and local radar communication system which offers a safe and stable tactical communication.
Restrata currently delivers a range of tailored telematics tools and services in the region that address fleet management, including systems based on custom radar communications infrastructure that allow customers to set up geofences and monitor RFID activity at a given location.
These emissions emerge from diverse sources, including TV and radio broadcasting, wireless telecommunications systems in government and private companies and organizations, as well as the use of emissions in the field of maritime, aerial and radar communications. "TRA has launched an interactive webpage that allows the public to view the level of emissions from telecommunications masts and equipment in residential, public and business areas, and compare them with the ICNIRP's standards.
According to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), the theory was based on the Malaysia Airlines plane's final radar communications between South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca.
"One of the discussions, for example, is how to strengthen the communications system including radar communications or radar facilities.