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RILResults in Learning (aka Randy Smith Training Solutions)
RILRadio Interface Layer
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RILReduction in Lethality
RILRépertoire d'Immeubles Localisés (French geographical database)
RILRead It Later (Internet application)
RILRes Ipsa Loquitur (Latin: The Thing Speaks for Itself; legal negligence)
RILRadio des Iles (French radio station)
RILRepairable Items List
RILResponsible Individuals List (North Carolina)
RILRéalisations Immobilieres Lorraines (French real estate company)
RILReliance Industries Limited, India
RILRoyal Interocean Lines (Royal Java-China-Paketvaart Lines)
RILResearch Information Letter
RILRunway Identification Lights
RILRadar Innovations Laboratory (University of Oklahoma)
RILRegulatory Interpretation Letter
RILRoutine Inspection List
RILReinsurance Incurred Losses (insurance)
RILRegenerative Immunophilin Ligand
RILRepair Item List
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Cloud Patrol, a radar system designed to improve drone safety, was created by students using technology from the Advanced Radar Research Center's Radar Innovations Laboratory on the OU Research Campus.
Exhibitors will include Real Kitchen Salsa, a new company started by Norman middle school students through Loveworks; Cloud Patrol, a radar system designed to improve drone safety, created by Sooner Innovation Fund students using Radar Innovations Laboratory technology; From Seed to Spoon, a mobile app with 60,000 installs that guides users through growing their own foods, which originated from the Tom Love Innovation Hub; and Overworld, an online augmented reality platform connecting sports fans and teams, founded by Sooner Launch Pad students in the Gene Rainbolt Graduate School of Business.