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RNAVRandom Navigation Area Navigation
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Japan has provided Nepal with JPY4.8bn for a radar navigation and support system, Kyodo News reported.
The seven T-39N Sabreliners in service are used to train naval flight officers in radar navigation and airborne radar-intercept procedures.
These features include an advanced APG-78 multimode active phased-array, agile-beam radar; an internal LANTIRN third-generation FLIR (possibly with infrared search and track, or IRST, capabilities); terrain-following radar navigation and targeting systems; secure communications and datalink; GPS navigation; a "glass" cockpit with 5 x 7-in.
The contract is to perform major repairs radar navigation Bridgemaster E251, E252, e 342, E343, E 352 and major repair radar navigation VisionMaster FT251, FT 252 and radar SIMRAD RA51.
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