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Understanding the how and why of radar vectors can help save time en route and eliminate uncertainty in the cockpit.
If they do exist for an airport, they are found in the IFR Takeoff Minimums, Departure Procedures, and Diverse Vector Area (Radar Vectors) section of AIS charts and on the back of the airport diagram chart for Jeppessens.
* If being radar vectored, directly from the point of radio failure to the fix, route or airway specified in the vector;
He was unable to maintain altitude and requested radar vectors to a clear area.
The impression one gets from sitting in the Flanker and Fulcrum cockpits is of a Soviet fighter force still oriented toward a ground-controlled intercept environment, dependent on radar vectors to place the target in the fighter's front quadrant.
In other words, "Except when being radar vectored to the final approach course, or otherwise directed through an appropriate air traffic control (ATC) clearance to a specific IAP, pilots must execute the entire IAP commencing at an initial approach fix or associated feeder route and fly the initial segment, the intermediate segment, and the final segment of an IAP."
I reported to ATC that our RMI had failed and requested radar vectors to the PAR at Navy Corpus.
Though in (26) the radar vectors and matrices are complex valued in contrary to the original compressed sensing environment, it is easy to transfer it to real variables according to [15, 16].
While established on radar vectors for a fourth practice instrument approach and at 1500 feet msl, he observed engine "roughness" followed by loss of power.
Not content with the flight control irregularity, the crew elected to troubleshoot the problem, terminate approach training, and perform radar vectors to final for a full stop.