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Source: Deseret News, Utah Radiation Control Board.
Regulators in the Utah Radiation Control office have said they expect to have a ruling on the EnergySolutions plan shortly.
The Utah Radiation Control Board levied the fine after EnergySolutions buried 23 containers of low-level radioactive waste that exceeded standards set by the U.S.
The Utah Radiation Control Board has been working on the "unique waste streams" for months to ensure that EnergySolutions' disposal site can contain material that hasn't been studied very well.
The congressman, a Democrat, said in a news release that he supports a proposal before the Utah Radiation Control Board officials to address "every possible safety and health concern" before allowing waste other than that already allowed at the repository in Clive, which is Class A waste.
Gary Herbert and the Utah Division of Radiation Control are opposed to blending waste "when the intent is to alter the waste classification for the purposes of disposal site access."