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REXRegional Express (Australian airline)
REXRequest to Exit (security)
REXReadiness Exercise
REXRoutine Exercise
REXRentenindex (German bond index)
REXRegular Expressions for Xml
REXRemote Events for Xml
REXRoute Extension
REXRestructured Extended Executor
REXRemote Execution
REXReport Definition
REXReal-Time Executive
REXReceiver/Exciter (Radar Subsystem)
REXRadiation Experiment (studies scintillation effects of the Earth's atmosphere on RF transmissions; first spacecraft to successfully employ GPS navigation)
REXRetour d'Expérience (French)
REXREXX Script (file extension)
REXReal Estate Excellence (awards)
REXRadio Science Experiment (NASA New Horizons Project)
REXRelocatable Executable
REXRemote Events for XML (Extensible Markup Language)
REXRurtal-Express (Germany)
REXReynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico - General Lucio Blanco Airport (Airport Code)
REXRegistered Export System (trade)
REXRheintal-Express (Germany)
REXRegional Energetics Experiment
REXRelativistic Electron Beam Experiment
REXRear Entertainment Xtreme (in-car entertainment system)
REXRemote Interface Unit Exerciser
REXRequisition Exception Code
REXReflector Erosion Experiment
REXReliability of Effective Service
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The Accelerated Ground Radiation Experiment. The accelerated ground radiation experiment was used to study the response of the system in a real radiation environment.
The winning team will be announced in April at the United States Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C., and will have their radiation experiment flown on Orion's first test flight, Exploration Flight Test-1 (EFT-1).
Hence, the computational result of method 3 is consistent with laboratory electromagnetic radiation experiment during uniaxial compressive loading on coal samples.
When will we be able to terminate our participation in the current radiation experiment?
A computer glitch caused the Mars Radiation Experiment (MARIE) to stop taking data last August, during Odyssey's journey to Mars.
He had no idea he was part of a radiation experiment even as his urine and stools were collected to measure their plutonium concentrations.
In the '50s and '60s the monsters in most creature features were often the result of some nuclear explosion or radiation experiment gone awry and so reflected some consciousness of our guilt or anxiety about the cold war and arms race.
The footnote, which alluded to a government-sponsored radiation experiment on human beings, led her on a six-year odyssey to try to find some of the experiment's unsuspecting victims.
A third device, the Mars Radiation Experiment (MARIE), is designed to measure radiation near the planet's surface and begin to assess how human explorers could operate safely in the Martian environment.
The radiation experiment story offers some troubling answers.
BOB Malcolmson was a wireless operator on HMS Diana in 1956 aged 18 when he was used in a human radiation experiment.
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