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Conservative treatment was initiated with neuroleptic drugs and blocks of the L1/L2 dorsal roots with local anaesthetics and pulsed radiofrequency lesioning. These treatments did not result in significant pain relief and he could not work.
Radiofrequency lesioning using two different time modalities for the treatment of lumbar discogenic pain: A randomized trial.
Early Clinical Resu- lts of the Use of Radiofrequency Lesioning in the Treat- ment of Plantar Fasciitis.
Because the waitlist for a hip arthroplasty was in excess of one year, thermal radiofrequency lesioning of the articular branches was offered in the interim.
Percutaneous radiofrequency lesioning of sensory branches of the obturator and femoral nerves for the treatment of hip joint pain.
Response to pulsed and continuous radiofrequency lesioning of the dorsal root ganglion and segmental nerves in patients with chronic lumbar radicular pain.
The 184 chapters cover basic science, patient evaluation, imaging, various generalized and regional pain syndromes, and specific treatment modalities, including nerve blocks, neuroaugmentation and implantable drug delivery systems, and advanced techniques like diskectomy, cryoneurolysis, and radiofrequency lesioning. Anatomy, indications, practical considerations, complications, differential diagnosis, presentation, signs and symptoms, and epidemiology are among the aspects discussed.
This study reviews 108 patients treated over a 1-year period at the University of Florida with one of two surgical procedures: radiofrequency lesioning and microvascular decompression.
Radiofrequency lesioning of the innervation of the SI joint has shown promise in observational case series and is now being looked at in more formal studies, he said.
Pulsed mode radiofrequency lesioning of the suprascapular nerve for the treatment of chronic shoulder pain.
He is trained to perform a wide variety of minimally invasive pain treatments, including spinal cord stimulators, radiofrequency lesioning, sympathetic blocks, kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty and intrathecal drug delivery systems.
This edition incorporates 20 new chapters on radiofrequency lesionings, decompression and compression techniques, nerve blocks, percutaneous disketomies, percutaneous kyphoplasty, sacral nerve stimulation, cervical cordotomy, and dorsal root entry zone lesioning techniques.
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