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RRARestructuring and Reform Act of 1998 (US IRS)
RRARapid Rural Appraisal
RRARotate Right Accumulator
RRAReservation Random Access
RRARemote Record Access
RRARailroad Retirement Act
RRARace Relations Act
RRAInternal Revenue Service Restructuring, and Reform Act of 1998
RRARahanwein Resistance Army
RRARed River Authority (Texas)
RRARound Robin Archive (computers, databases)
RRARelative Risk Aversion
RRARhetoric of Religious Antiquity (various organizations)
RRARadioreceptor Assay (detecting steroid hormones in blood serum)
RRAReconstructionist Rabbinical Association
RRARegistered Research Agency (Australian government)
RRARussell Reynolds Associates
RRARegistered Records Administrator
RRAReclamation Reform Act of 1982
RRARegistered Radiologist Assistant
RRARed Ribbon Army (gaming)
RRAResident Research Associateship
RRAReproductive Rights Alliance
RRARothstein, Rosenfeldt, Adler (law firm; Fort Lauderdale, FL)
RRAReform and Restructuring Act
RRARegional Reporters Association
RRARadio Resource Allocation
RRARoad Roller Association (UK)
RRARock River Arms, Inc.
RRARadiation Research Associates, Inc (Fort Worth, TX)
RRARolls Royce Allison
RRARolls-Royce and Associates Ltd
RRAResidual Risk Assessment
RRARefugee Relief Act of 1953
RRARadio Relay Aircraft
RRAResearch and Related Activities Account (US NSF)
RRARefitted and Retired Aircraft
RRARed Revolutionary Army
RRARobert Rytter & Associates, Inc.
RRARocket Rail Association (Quake 2 Clan)
RRARequirements Request Action
RRAResearch Review Act
RRARiddlesdown Residents' Association (UK)
RRARisk and Reliability Analysis
RRAResource Requirements Analysis
RRARockingham Regional Ambulance, Inc
RRARobin's Revenge Army
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Radioreceptor assay of human chorionic gonadotropin: detection of early pregnancy.
An acid extract of squid optic lobes was subjected to reverse-phase HPLC, and the fractionated eluant was analyzed both by radioimmunoassay (RIA) and by the radioreceptor assay described above.
A radioreceptor assay (RRA) based on the competitive binding of [1,25[(OH).sub.2]D and tritiated tracer to its nuclear receptor isolated from calf thymus was introduced in the mid-1980s (3).
In 1998, we added the Kronus[R] TRAb radioreceptor assay (TRAb) to our test menu to reduce the number of requests for TSI.