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Distal radioulnar joint injuries associated with fractures of the distal radius.
Radial shortening was found to be associated with disruption or the distal radioulnar joint in several instances.
The patient was sent for radiographic studies and diagnostic ultrasound, in order to examine the integrity of the distal radioulnar joint, ulnar collateral ligament and TFCC.
5 BFR 2/100 2 >3:5 mm CARUJ: Median nerve cross-sectional area at the radioulnar joint level, MNAP: Median nerve cross-sectional area at the level of the pisiform, MNAH: Median nerve cross-sectional area at the level of the hamate hook, FRRU: Flattening ratio at the radioulnar joint level, FRP: Flattening ratio at the level of the pisiform, FRH: Flattening ratio at the level of the hamate hook, MNSR: Median nerve swelling ratio, BFR: Bowing of the flexor retinaculum Table 4.
Ligamentous constraints include the annular ligament and radial (lateral) collateral ligaments which provide stability to the proximal radiocapitellar and proximal radioulnar joints and to resist varus stress.
Distal radioulnar joint arthroplasty: the hemiresection-interposition technique.
Will the untreated ulnar styloid fracture influence the outcome of unstable distal radial fracture treated with external fixation when the distal radioulnar joint is stable.
The issue concludes with a section on hand surgery that includes the treatment of the arthritic distal radioulnar joint, replantation of amputated digits, and animal bites of the hand.
There is fluid surrounding the radial head just distal to the proximal radioulnar joint.
Malunion leads to detrimental alterations in radiocarpal, ulnocarpal and distal radioulnar joint mechanics with serious functional impairment.
The arthritic distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) is a difficult problem.
The predominant radiologic findings include triangularization of the distal radial epiphysis with shortening of the ulnar segment, dorsal dislocation of the distal ulna that cannot be easily reduced, pyramidalization of the distal carpal row, shortening and bowing of the distal radius, and widening of the distal radioulnar joint.