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RADSReactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (type of occupational asthma)
RADSReynolds Adolescent Depression Scale
RADSRepública Árabe Democrática Saharaui (Spanish: Arabic Democratic Saharan Republic; aka Western Sahara)
RADSRadar Squadron
RADSRockwell Automation Drive Systems
RADSRadar Acquisition Data System
RADSRemote Acoustic Doppler System
RADSRemote Alarm Distribution System
RADSrapid area distribution support (USAF) (US DoD)
RADSRadnorshire, Wales
RADSRisk Assessment at Disposal of Systems
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The counties were divided into three categories, based on the estimated average cumulative dose of radiation to individuals as measured in rads.
From technological savvy to knowledge of international standards and regulations to expertise in the cultural nuances that can affect business dealings, RAD has all the tools and resources Systems Integrators and Service Providers need for their international projects.
The Microsoft RAD Awards program recognizes application developers that make the best use of Microsoft technology to provide benefits to retail and hospitality businesses.