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RADSReactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (type of occupational asthma)
RADSReynolds Adolescent Depression Scale
RADSRepública Árabe Democrática Saharaui (Spanish: Arabic Democratic Saharan Republic; aka Western Sahara)
RADSRadar Squadron
RADSRockwell Automation Drive Systems
RADSRadar Acquisition Data System
RADSRemote Acoustic Doppler System
RADSRemote Alarm Distribution System
RADSrapid area distribution support (USAF) (US DoD)
RADSRadnorshire, Wales
RADSRisk Assessment at Disposal of Systems
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By comparison, children in the 1950s may have received up to 200 to 300 rads in thyroid scans and other medical procedures that were common at the time, when the dangers of radiation exposure were less well understood.
We believe that combining our RADS technology, across a range or combination of calibres, with VISTA's systems will provide Metal Storm with an enhanced performance capability.
RAD has expansive product lines that cover E1 CSU/DSU, E1-HDSL, E1 multiplexers for copper or fiber, E2 multiplexers for fiber or coax, E3 multiplexers for E1 only or E1 plus Ethernet, digital cross-connect for E1 and T1 and much more.