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RADURadar Analysis and Development Unit (weather radar)
RADURenal Artery Duplex Ultrasonography (physiology)
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Mitigating, Gavyn Cook said both Gheorghe - who is eight-and-a-half months pregnant - and mother-offour Radu had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.
Radu, Nathanson and their colleagues found that an important nucleotide called deoxycytidine triphosphate (dCTP) is produced by two pathways, the de novo pathway and the nucleoside salvage pathway.
Prince Radu said both the Jordanian and Romanian governments should encourage the private sector to increase investment cooperation as well as trade exchange.
Accused ringleader) Radu Dogaru has refused to tell where the five paintings are.
At some point someone hit Radu in the face and he fell on the pavement, police said.
Two goals by Rob Parker and one apiece for skipper Craig Figes and Jack Waller offered hope but by the time Radu Cosmin outfoxed Ed Scott to claim the second of his two goals three minutes from time, Team GB - Vincent especially - were looking decidedly deflated.
The word coming out of the camp of fellow Arsenal target, Stefan Radu, has been less straightforward, however.
My priest told me to worship the relics of Saint Nectarios of Aegina in the Radu Voda Monastery in Bucharest.
Azerbaijani citizens Mohammed Golsanamlu and Babak Nacabi, Iranian citizens Poyam Khodajuyan, Mahyar Mosavi, Akbar Zenali, Zoohollah Ahmadi, Fatemeh Shafezirdeh, Seyed Mohammad Ebrahim Khad, Fahrani Hemmati, Ardesehiri Timen, Halil Monttali, Kianoosh Afsher, Hamid Reza Mandizadeh, Mohammed Mahdi Tavasoli, Daniel Dhados, Nushi Golzali, Heydar Nik Zaman, Mahmoud Mahjoobi, Hashmat Raghani, Muhammed Riza Saedi, Mustafa Dogruzade and Finistah Cerekelya, Romanian citizens Lefter Radu Gabriel and Adela Nicoleta, and Italian citizen Bruni Castari were injured in the accident, and taken to hospitals in Erzurum.
sescu was seen off at Queen Alia International Airport by Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh and Romanian Ambassador in Amman, Radu Onofrei, after a short working visit to the Kingdom.
Romania's PM Emil Boc fired the head of the country's Customs Agency, Radu Marginean, against whom the the Prosecutor's Office launched a criminal investigation on corruption allegations.
He said: " Tumhi maza vaar hausu naka, aaani maazi marathi vaar radu naka ( You don't laugh at me and don't cry on the way I speak Marathi).