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RAFFRotary Acceleration Feed Forward (Western Digital Raptor)
RAFFRussian Anthropological Film Festival
RAFFRandolph Area Family Farms (Randolph, VT)
RAFFRectus Abdominis Free Flap
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Among them was Debbie Van Bibber, Hilderbran's executive assistant, who said she had been fired at the direction of Raff.
I've never riff raff in my someone to can't put how sick That's when the drama unfolded.
Raff suggested that singers should stay away from songs that other contestants are singing or put their own twist on a popular song.
German-Swiss composer Raff meanwhile appears to have coined the term Sinfonietta for precisely his opus 188 written in the spring of 1873.
The antidote to quixotism was, ironically, a different form of quixotism: Richardson filled his novels with explicit lessons and prescriptive generalizations (or "precepts") "in order to fend off the charge that [he] promoted quixotism, but Raff ingeniously demonstrates that this form of didacticism is a mode of seduction and an invitation to quixotism" (8) in a literary culture that "systematically eroticized tutelage" (7).
Representing the purchaser's interest, Glenn Raff noted "The building has been on and off the market but in this environment we knew right away the building would generate enormous interest, in such a prime location.
Contact point(s): Architekturbro Ackermann & Raff GmbH & Co.
Riff Raff is one of only two breweries in the United States powering its process with direct-use geothermal hot water, according to co-owner Jason Cox.
The others claimed it was integrated into their other subjects, but the best I could find was via a family medicine block where undergraduates got three to four hours in their fourth year,' says Raff.
In a special designed to promote the program, Kring and Raff noted that much of the story is rooted in actual biblical prophecy and beliefs, which give this limited series heft in light of the visible impact of religious extremism around the world.
Bruce Alberts, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, David Morgan, Martin Raff, Keith Roberts, and Peter Walter
RiFF RAFF is a lot like other rappers who pat themselves on the back, giving themselves credit where it's not always due.