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RSCWRailways (Safety Critical Work) Regulations (UK)
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Just as the eye had become the telescope, and the hand had become machinery, and the feet had become railways, so the voice became the telephone.
The strength of his position lay in the Yerba Buena Ferry Company, the Consolidated Street Railways, and the United Water Company.
"Granted, but it's work in the sense that his activity produces a result--the railways. But of course you think the railways useless."
The cab stopped before the railway station at twenty minutes past eight.
That wasn't for railways to blow you to pieces right and left."
"The Rockefellers went into mines--iron and coal and copper and lead; into other industrial companies; into street railways, into national, state, and municipal bonds; into steamships and steamboats and telegraphy; into real estate, into skyscrapers and residences and hotels and business blocks; into life insurance, into banking.
"Not the railways, oh dear, no!" replied Lebedeff, with a mixture of violent anger and extreme enjoyment.
We got away at a quarter past four, P.M.; a hundred yards above the hotel the railway divided; one track went straight up the steep hill, the other one turned square off to the right, with a very slight grade.
After a while I left them, and went on to the railway station to get as many morning papers as I could.
My travelling instructions directed me to go to Carlisle, and then to diverge by a branch railway which ran in the direction of the coast.
I was feeding quietly near the pales which separated the meadow from the railway, when I heard a strange sound at a distance, and before I knew whence it came -- with a rush and a clatter, and a puffing out of smoke -- a long black train of something flew by, and was gone almost before I could draw my breath.
Alban returned from the railway, with news of the fugitive.