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RFERepetition for Effect
RFERouting Function Entity (3G Radio Resource Control)
RFERear Wheel Drive, Fully Electronic (automatic transmissions)
RFERestricted Free Agent
RFERevue Francophone d'Esthétique (French: Francophone Journal of Aesthetics)
RFEReady for Equipment (construction sites)
RFERandom Field Environment
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RFEReader-Focused Evaluation
RFERéseau pour Femmes Entrepreneures (French: Network for Women Entrepreneurs; Canada)
RFERelative Fit Error (quality parameter of statistical modelling)
RFERadio Fil de l'Eau (French radio station)
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3c), the Gridsat-based [r.sub.3day] values are slightly lower in some regions, suggesting there may still be some opportunity for improving the GridSat-based rainfall estimates. We refer to Beck et al.
elevation enhanced regionalisation schemes) led to more representative design rainfall estimates, particularly in topographically complex areas.
The main objectives ofthis research study are (i) to evaluate biasness in the CMORPH rainfall estimates (ii) to identify the window size that reduces bias in the CMOPRPH data (iii) to assess the performance ofbias corrected CMORPH rainfall estimates.
Rainfall estimates from TRMM were extracted using the AcreBioClima geographic coordinates for the stations available in the Acre basin and both datasets were compared against each other through a contingency table (26,27), as can be found in Wilks (2011, p.
Intercomparison of rainfall estimates from radar, satellite, gauge, and combinations for a season of record rainfall.
Integrating the Level III based product files to one-hour accumulation and comparing with the National Center's maps, we observed significant local differences between those two rainfall estimates (see Nelson et al.
Satellite-derived rainfall estimates show that widespread rainfall occurred over most of western Saudi Arabia and Yemen from mid-April to mid-June 2005 (8) and accounts for the high magnitude and spatial pattern of observed NDVI anomalies in May and June 2005.
In 2004, two researchers from the University of Manchester claimed to have found that measurement error was responsible for overly pessimistic rainfall estimates: the drought could well have passed.
In addition, new storm prediction software is being developed that will calculate rainfall estimates up to an hour in the future, giving even earlier warning of impending flooding.
"We think that radar rainfall estimates are correct to within a factor of two.
The study's results showed that when the atmosphere was relatively dry, evaporation was an important factor in radar rainfall estimation, and accounting for evaporation led to significantly more accurate rainfall estimates. This improvement was most notable in locations more than 30 miles from the nearest NWS radar, as radar that doesn't account for evaporation loses accuracy at greater distances because it detects raindrops before most evaporation takes place.
(2017) evaluated the performance of six satellite-based and three newly released reanalysis rainfall estimates at the daily timescale and the spatial grid size of 0.25 degrees during the period of 2000 to 2013 over the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia, with the purpose of improving the reliability of precipitation estimates of the wet (June to September) and secondary rainy (March to May) seasons.