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Algorithm Resolution Level name Description Space Time GPM IB-GMI GMI brightness Varies by 16 orbits Level 1 temperatures channel per day IC-GMI Calibrated Varies by 16 orbits GMI brightness channel per day temperatures GPM 2A-DPR DPR Ka and 5 km x 5 km 16 orbits Level 2 Ku single-orbit (at nadir), per day rainfall estimates 125-m vertical resolution 2A-GPROF- GMI single-orbit 11 km x 18 km 16 orbits GMI rainfall estimates per day 2B-CMB Combined 5 km x 5 km 16 orbits GMI + DPR (at nadir), per day single-orbit 250-m vertical rainfall estimates resolution GPM IMERG Integrated 0.
The main objectives ofthis research study are (i) to evaluate biasness in the CMORPH rainfall estimates (ii) to identify the window size that reduces bias in the CMOPRPH data (iii) to assess the performance ofbias corrected CMORPH rainfall estimates.
Rainfall estimates from TRMM were extracted using the AcreBioClima geographic coordinates for the stations available in the Acre basin and both datasets were compared against each other through a contingency table (26,27), as can be found in Wilks (2011, p.
Erosion and water runoff are based on near real time rainfall estimates coupled with historical soil and crop management records simply extended to estimate current conditions.
Satellite rainfall estimates were provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Prediction Center.
We think that radar rainfall estimates are correct to within a factor of two.
The IFC rainfall estimates have been used and evaluated in numerous atmospheric and hydrologic studies (e.
The project design primarily would focus on improving the flood forecasting capacity of WRD/GoB through development of appropriate models including strengthening existing model in Baghmati- Adhwara basin, operational use of ensemble rainfall forecasts and assimilation of satellite based near-real time rainfall estimates, improving community outreach, and institutionalizing modeling capacity within the WRD.
These rivers have transboundary catchments, which can use satellite-based rainfall estimates developed under phase-I of the flood project to improve forecasting ability.
Rainfall estimates are moderate, a band of showers can spread from the Etosha eastwards, while extending southward to the Orange.