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R-NRaion (Russian, district; used in postal addresses)
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According to the strategic plans of the Russian state, the territory of Khasanskii Raion must be integrated into the international transportation system.
The focus on earning maximum rent for a few agents often runs counter to the interests of the local community, which is the case in Khasanskii Raion. Our exploration of these issues via use of our own in-depth interviews constitutes the primary innovative feature of our research.
Khasanskii Raion as a Platform for Russia's "Pacific Pivot"
Khasanskii Raion as a platform for implementing economic cooperation projects has both limitations and advantages.
MOMA PSl's survey of Gaillard's practice over the past ten years, which was curated by Klaus Biesenbach, certainly tapped into that aesthetic of entropy and collapse, particularly in its selection of films and videos, Desniansky Raion included.
Our study of Cherepovets indicates that routine quality control for accuracy of diagnostic practice, coding, and data entry should be established at the raion level.
The reports are made by telephone to the office of the Raion Center of Gossanepidnadzor.
The information is reported annually through local (raion and city hospital centers), and regional (oblast) departments of health to the General Computing Center in the Ministry of Health.