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RLUReport Layout Utility
RLURelative Light Unit
RLUResidential Land Use
RLURelative Luminescence Units
RLUReport Layout Utility (IBM)
RLURemote Line Unit
RLURegistered Linux User
RLURaised Leg Urination (wolves)
RLURamon Llull University (Barcelona, Spain)
RLUResidential Living Unit (zoning)
RLURack Location Unit
RLUReserve Lighting Unit (motorcycles)
RLURemote Latch Unit
RLURegistered Life Underwriter (insurance)
RLURemotely Located Unit
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Several signs indicate that a dog is ready to assume the guarding role: male dogs, and often females, use raised leg urination rather than the squatting position; scent marking (urination and defecation) becomes more concentrated at the periphery, of the pasture; barking at novel stimuli becomes more predictable and direction-oriented; dogs are active more frequently and for longer periods of time; patrolling activities increase in frequency and duration; dogs become more interested in sheep than humans.