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RAMSESRegional Earth Observation Application for Mediterranean Sea Emergency Surveillance (oil slick surveillance and detection; Stuttgart, Germany)
RAMSESReconnaissance and Management System of the Environment of Schistocerca (GIS data management)
RAMSESRole-based Access Management Security System (informatics, University of Hamburg)
RAMSESReprogrammable Advanced Multimode Shipboard ECM System (UK system)
RAMSESRWTH (Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule) Aachen Magnetic Resonance Software System (medical imaging)
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Ramses III was the most famous pharaoh of the 20th family dynasty in Ancient Egypt and also the last ruler of the modern state of Egypt (1183 BC - 1152 BC).
Ramses II's most giant statue was transferred at the beginning of 2018 to the Grand Egyptian Museum to settle in its atrium, where it is going to be permanently showcased.
The column will be placed along with the massive statue of Ramses II, one of Egypt's greatest pharaohs, at the atrium of the new museum that will be partially opened later this year.
The post Colossus of ancient King Ramses moved to new home appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The sun temple in Heliopolis was founded by Ramses II, lending weight to the likelihood the statue is of him, archaeologists said.
Antes, el miercoles 28, Ramses Luna dirigira el Taller Orquesta de Musica Experimental UACM en el Museo de la Luz (San Ildefonso 43, Centro Historico), a las 19 horas, siguiendo las pautas Sound-painting (lenguaje universal de senas para la composicion multidisciplinaria en vivo con musicos, actores, bailarines y artistas visuales) inventadas por Walter Thompson en 1974.
A leading provider of navigation, positioning, and mapping solutions for challenging operations at sea and on land, iXblue's Ramses offers a variety of new features, including a sparse-array positioning system and enhanced interoperability, making it more versatile, faster to deploy and easier to use -- delivering tangible cost savings.
Seeds of suspicion, sown by the priestess' prophesy, flourish and when Ramses learns that Moses is the child of Hebrews, the new pharaoh banishes his adopted brother to the wilderness.
When Joel Edgerton's Ramses becomes Pharaoh and believes he's a living god, he banishes his adopted brother Moses (Christian Bale) into the desert after learning that his second in command is a Hebrew.
Many years ago I have read or heard somewhere, (and this is from memory) that Ramses 2 designed a great temple at Abu Simbel so that the rays of the sun would shine into the innermost sanctuary on his birthday and illuminate the statues of Ramses and the three gods.
Supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Mursi attending a rally in Ramses, in central Cairo, yesterday.