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RKRurouni Kenshin (anime)
RKRunge-Kutta (methods; higher mathematics)
RKRepublic of Kazakhstan
RKRepair Kit
RKRose Krieger (manufacturer; various locations)
RKRama Krishna
RKRoad Kill
RKRadial Keratotomy
RKRobert Kelly (rapper)
RKRaj Kapoor (Indian actor)
RKRelient K (band)
RKRoyal Knights
RKRilo Kiley (band)
RKRukometni Klub (Croatian: Handball Club)
RKRich Kid
RKReligious Knowledge
RKRöda Korset (Swedish Red Cross)
RKRandom Key (computing)
RKRoemisch Katholisch (German : Roman Catholic)
RKRedlich Kwong (Thermodynamic Equation)
RKRadial Keratectomy
RKKomi Republic (Russia)
RKReaction Kinetic
RKRechtschaffen and Kales (sleep analyzation)
RKRegistered Keeper (vehicle ownership)
RKRajni Kanth (actor)
RKRitter Kreuz (German: Knight's Cross)
RKRoger Kwok (Chinese actor)
RKUS Revenue Consular Service Fee (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RKRadio Kaštela (Kaštela, Croatia)
RKRichmond Knights (band)
RKRynnäkkö Kivääri (Finnish: assault rifle)
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* Verify (params,chal,(I[D.sub.i]),([P.sub.j]),mpk) [right arrow] (0,1): After receiving all the proofs ([P.sub.j]) from all challenged clouds, the verifier first looks up the challenge token chal = (I,K) (I = ((name,[i.sub.n], [j.sub.n], [k.sub.n])|n = 1,***,c) and K = ([k.sub.in] |n = 1,***,c)), for the specific index ([i.sub.n], [j.sub.n], [k.sub.n]) and corresponding random key [k.sub.in].
The strength of a stream cipher is the random key stream that assures secure computation of the cipher.
Instead of creating a truly random key for the user, iotaseed.io would use a primarily fixed number with predictable variable changes.
Then we combine each [i.sup.th] register by [i.sup.th] Boolean functions to construct a random key stream.
Oliveira, "SecLEACH--A Random Key Distribution Solution for Securing Clustered Sensor Networks," in Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (NCA'06), pp.
In this work, the Fibonacci sequence is modified by adding scrambling factors to generate required random key sequences in a way of low computational overhead.
This bit is selected based on some random key; therefore, if the two bits are different, the bit in the cover image is changed to one (1), otherwise, it will be zero (0), as shown in the following example [14].
After that this image has been multiplied by the first random key followed by multiplication by the second random key.
Algorithm 1 explains the perturbing function for GEVs and is also used to generate dynamic random key.
de Queiroz, "A biased random key genetic algorithm for open dimension nesting problems using no-fit raster," Expert Systems with Applications, vol.
Hereinafter OTP key means computationally secure pseudorandom key and original OTP key means truly random key. In this work, we present a genetic-based scheme for automatically generating OTP keys.
The TA selects a random generator P [member of] [G.sub.1], two hash functions h(x) and f(x) : {0,1}* [right arrow] [G.sub.1] and a random key S [member of] [Z*.sub.q].