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Jeong, "Statistical variability study of random dopant fluctuation on gate-all-around inversion-mode silicon nanowire field-effect transistors," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
The use of FinFET has enabled further scaling of SRAM due to steeper subthreshold slope, reduced random dopant fluctuation, and relief of high-K material as gate oxide.
By taking random dopant fluctuation and process variation effects into account, fluctuations in [V.sub.t], W, L, and so forth, denoted by [DELTA][V.sub.t], [DELTA]W, [DELTA]L, and so on, existed which yield random variations in [C.sub.g] and [f.sub.T] denoted by [DELTA][C.sub.g] and [DELTA][f.sub.T], respectively.
Obviously the variances of [C.sub.gi], [C.sub.gj], [f.sub.Ti], and [f.sub.Tj] which are fluctuated by the effects of random dopant fluctuation and process variation can be given by [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] due to (8).
This means that high frequency performances of the nanoscale PMOS transistor is more robust to the random dopant fluctuation and process variation effects than that of NMOS one due to its lower Max[[DELTA][C.sub.g]/[C.sub.g,nom]] and Max[[DELTA][f.sub.T]/[f.sub.T,nom]].