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ROVRemotely Operated Vehicle
ROVRange of View
ROVRange of Value
ROVRegistrar of Voters (various states)
ROVRose of Versailles (comics)
ROVReturn on Value
ROVReal Options Valuation
ROVRepair Of Vessels
ROVRead Only Value
ROVReturn on Virtualization
ROVRiot of Violence (music)
ROVReturn on Visit (retail store operations)
ROVRecommended Operating Voltage
ROVRobotic Ocean Vehicle
ROVRostov, Russia - Rostov (Airport Code)
ROVRoll-Over Valve (automotive fuel tanks)
ROVReturn Office Visit (medical appointment)
ROVRiders Of Vision (Yamaha motocyclist website)
ROVRemotely Operated Valve
ROVRage of Vengeance (online game)
ROVRectified Oil of Vitriol (concentrated sulphuric acid)
ROVRepair Other Vessels
ROVRate of Overstays (immigration)
ROVRulers of Valhalla (gaming clan)
References in classic literature ?
I stared at her weather-beaten side heeling steeply towards me; and then she passed out of my range of view.
In a minute more, there came within my range of view a solitary old man, mounted on a rough pony."
Looking upward and upward, my range of view gradually reached the gallery.
Before she turned the corner, and showed herself within the range of view from the window Lady Lundie looked back, and signed to Blanche to wait behind the angle of the wall.
She softly drew back, and placed herself in safer hiding, beyond the range of view from the dining-room.
In another moment two persons, both women, passed within my range of view from the porch window.
"The final proposal we put to both of the main parties was for a head-tohead debate between the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition, followed by a discussion between eight panellists, including politicians, with a wide range of views on Brexit, and ending with further head-to-head debate and closing statements.
The authors occupy a range of views regarding whether, for example, social movements are organizations, and whether voluntary and non-governmental; or whether empowerment and emancipation are interchangeable terms or represent important distinctions.
An increasingly tetchy Mr Purnell, 47, replied: "The vast majority of people in this country have a range of views - some people have very strong religious views, some people have strong atheistic views.
Richard Blandford's coffee table book, London In The Company Of Painters, draws together the full range of views of Britain's capital city and its inhabitants.
Citigroup said it believed the minutes continued to show a considerable range of views among FOMC participants-to the point of preventing any explicit wording about a prospective June rate increase in the policy statement.
One major difference is that in place of the elected assembly, representing a range of views and talents, we are to get one person - a regional mayor.