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Park, Application of Taguchi experimental design for the optimization of effective parameters on the rapeseed methyl ester production, EER., 129, 15 (2010).
After over 2,000 hours in rapeseed methyl ester diesel (B20 RME diesel) at 140 degC, Lanxess says the Therban test pieces exhibited better tensile elongation and tear strength than those made of fluororubbers.
Tsolakis A and Megaritis A (2004) studied the exhaust gas assisted reforming of rapeseed methyl ester for reduced exhaust emissions of compression ignition engines.
Labeckas G and Slavinskas S et al (2006) analyzed the emission characteristics of four stroke, four cylinder, direct injection, unmodified, naturally aspirated diesel engine when operating on neat rapeseed methyl ester (RPE) and its 5%, 10%, 20% and 35% blends with diesel fuel.
Heat of combustion for various diesel fuels [95] Fuel Relative heat of combustion, % PDF 100 Soybean methyl ester 85 Rapeseed methyl ester 86 Tallow methyl ester 89.5 Table 15.
The carried out project included the following stages of work: production technologies for new biofuels made from camelina sativa have been worked out and approved; requirements for biofuel standard LST EN 14214:2003 set to FAME biofuels have been fulfilled; a wide spectrum of comparative investigations into the use of biofuels and diesel fuel applied for stationary diesel engines have been conducted; stability parameters of the diesel engine running on rapeseed methyl ester and camelina-based methyl ester biofuels have been assessed and investigated.
However, various melted content of glycerol regularly participating in rapeseed methyl ester content can be an occasion of the foul-up of the diesel engine.
The experiment was carried out using a blend of mineral diesel (D) and rapeseed methyl ester (RME) with dehydrated ethanol (E) additives as a fuel.
The density of CSOME was determined to be 0.8781 g/mL that is lower than those of soybean methyl esters (0.884 g/mL) and rapeseed methyl esters (0.882 g/mL), which are the most common biodiesels used in USA and Europe [44].