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RVRRunway Visual Range
RVRRealm versus Realm
RVRRegionalverband Ruhr (Ruhr area, Germany)
RVRRother Valley Railway (UK)
RVRRealm Versus Realm (game)
RVRRenal Vascular Resistance
RVRResistance to Venous Return
RVRRuimtelijk Veiligheidsrapport (Dutch: Spatial Safety Report)
RVRRapid Ventricular Response
RVRRisk vs. Reward (gaming)
RVRRound Valley Reservoir (New Jersey)
RVRReduced Vestibular Response (biology)
RVRRecursive Variance Reduction
RVRRecreational Vehicle Runner (Mitsubishi)
RVRRobotic Vehicle Range
RVRRoyal Victorian Regiment (Victoria, Australian Rifle Regiment)
RVRRoamer Verification and Reinstatement
RVRRadio Qui Vous Ressemble (French radio station)
RVRRésistance Vasculaire Rénale (French: Renal Vascular Resistance)
RVRRichmond, VA Staples Mill Road (Amtrak Station Code)
RVRRelationship Value Rate
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Rapid ventricular response to AF can be immediately life-threatening.
3] pollution was associated with increased risk of episodes of rapid ventricular response due to PAF, thereby suggesting that community air pollution may be a precipitant of these events.
In the event of rapid ventricular response rate (100 to 150 bpm) or patient discomfort, patients in the placebo group were given intravenous verapamil, and those in the amiodarone group received saline in a blinded fashion.
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