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RUTRouter Under Test
RUTRegistro Único Tributario (Spanish: National Register Tax; Colombia)
RUTAre You There?
RUTRandom Utility Theory (economics)
RUTRol Único Tributario (Chile)
RUTRapid Urease Test
RUTRealistic Urban Training
RUTRutland, VT, USA (Airport Code)
RUTRoad Users' Tax (Philippines)
RUTReally Useful Theatres Ltd (UK)
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pylori by using endoscopic biopsy specimens--(1) Rapid urease test (2) Grams staining (3) culture--most difficult yet gold standard with high specificity.
In the this study, based on rapid urease test and histopathological diagnosis, the H.
Patients proven positive for Helicobacter pylori by Rapid urease test and histopathological staining were divided into three groups randomly using computer generated sequence.
Comparison of the clinical feasibility of three rapid urease tests in the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection.
Rapid urease test for the management of Campylobacter pyloridis-associated gastritis.
Biopsy specimens for rapid urease test (RUT) were obtained from biopsy forceps with a sterile needle and assessed immediately; the results were examined by an experienced observer blinded to the clinical details.
Compared with histology, sensitivity and specificity of rapid urease test were 96.
A patient was classified as being Hpylori-positive if both the histologic analysis and the rapid urease test result were positive.
Comparative study between rapid urease test, imprint and histopathological study for Helicobacter pylori diagnosis.
In this study, 909 adults (mean age, 46 years; 68% were male) with a symptomatic duodenal ulcer and positive rapid urease test for H pylori were randomized to receive OAC for 1 week, OAC for 2 weeks, or omeprazole and amoxicillin alone.
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