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RUTRouter Under Test
RUTRegistro Único Tributario (Spanish: National Register Tax; Colombia)
RUTAre You There?
RUTRandom Utility Theory (economics)
RUTRol Único Tributario (Chile)
RUTRapid Urease Test
RUTRealistic Urban Training
RUTRutland, VT, USA (Airport Code)
RUTRoad Users' Tax (Philippines)
RUTReally Useful Theatres Ltd (UK)
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To compare the sensitivity and specificity of rapid urease test with that of histopathological examination for the detection of H.
Patients characteristics included in the study Value Age (years) mean [+ or -] SD 40.31 [+ or -] 13.85 Median (Min-Max) 39 (15-69) Gender male (%) 32 (40) Smoker (%) 21 (26.2) Drinker (%) 5 (6.2) Abdominal pain (%) 64 (80) Nausea (%) 44 (55) Vomiting (%) 37 (46.2) Rapid urease test 40 (50) IgM 6(7.5) IgG 34 (42.5) Total number = 80.
During the years after discovery by Marshall and Warren, it has been stated that the rapid urease test (RUT) is a one of the cheapest but rapid diagnostic tests used in detecting this infection [107].
pylori, by rapid urease test, and one sample from the antrum was collected in 10% neutral formalin and was sent for histopathological examination.
An initial gastrointestinal endoscopy was performed to obtain specimens for histology and a rapid urease test. These gastroscopies revealed that 32 patients were H pylori-positive (69.6%) and 14 were H pylorinegative (30.4%); these groups were designated A and B, respectively.
Evaluation of a locally produced rapid urease test for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection.
Comparative study between rapid urease test, imprint and histopathological study for Helicobacter pylori diagnosis.
The patients were evaluated by endoscopy, histology of gastric biopsy for IM and H.pylori, rapid urease test and IgG antibody (positive result in any two diagnostic).
In this study, 909 adults (mean age, 46 years; 68% were male) with a symptomatic duodenal ulcer and positive rapid urease test for H pylori were randomized to receive OAC for 1 week, OAC for 2 weeks, or omeprazole and amoxicillin alone.
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