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RBSRoyal Bank of Scotland
RBSRed Bull Salzburg (hockey team; Germany)
RBSRock Building Society (financial services; various locations)
RBSRolling Ball Sculpture
RBSRural Business Cooperative Service
RBSRare Book School (University of Virginia)
RBSRollback Segment
RBSRibosome Binding Site (genetics)
RBSRutherford Backscattering Spectrometry
RBSRisk Based Supervision (finance: various organizations)
RBSRechargeable Battery System
RBSRemote Boot Server
RBSReceive Buffer Status
RBSRedundant Bit Steering
RBSRole Based Services
RBSRemote Boot Service
RBSRadio Bearer Service
RBSRobbed Bit Signaling
RBSRandom Bit Stream
RBSRemote Boot Session
RBSRegenerative Brake System
RBSRated Breaking Strength
RBSRobbed Bit Signaling (Channel Associated Signaling)
RBSRadio Base Station
RBSRecreational Boating Safety
RBSRede Brasil Sul (media group in Brazil)
RBSResearch for Better Schools (Philadelphia, PA)
RBSResource Breakdown Structure
RBSRegional Bus Stuttgart GmbH (German)
RBSRichards Buell Sutton (law firm; Canada)
RBSRemote Backup Service (data protection)
RBSReduced Beam Section (structural)
RBSRoyal Ballet School (UK)
RBSRoyal Blind Society
RBSRiver Bend Station (nuclear power plant; Louisiana)
RBSRandom Blood Sugar
RBSRisk Breakdown Structure (project management)
RBSRole Based Security
RBSRhythm Beating Silence
RBSReference Broadcast Synchronization
RBSReady Business System (France; est. 1997)
RBSRoyal Ballet Sinfonia (UK)
RBSReadiness-Based Sparing
RBSRegenerative Braking System (FMVSS)
RBSRapid Body Survey (first response medicine)
RBSRebirth Song (file extension, Propellerhead Software)
RBSRoberts Syndrome
RBSRetail Banking Systems
RBSRadio Bienvenue Strasbourg (French radio station)
RBSRadar Bomb Scoring
RBSRoom Booking System
RBSRemote Base Station
RBSReal Bearded Santa
RBSRemote Boot Service (Microsoft Windows)
RBSReally Big Screen
RBSRecurring Billing System
RBSRemote BLOB (Binary Large Object) Storage (Microsoft)
RBSRickie Business Solution (Japan)
RBSRefractive Backscattering (semiconductors)
RBSRiverdale Baptist School
RBSRoaring Brook School
RBSRetreating Blade Stall
RBSReally Big Show (Ed Sullivan Show)
RBSRoad Beacon System (electronic road signs)
RBSRadar Beacon System
RBSRecognition Binding Site (genetics)
RBSRovernes Beredskapsgruppe (Norway)
RBSRandom Boner Syndrome
RBSRound Box Software
RBSRepository Brokerage Services
RBSRebroadcast Standby (communications)
RBSRandom Barrage System
RBSRadar Bombardment System
RBSRoss Business School
RBSRow Bank Select
RBSRajghat Besant School (Varanasi, India)
RBSRegular Biasing Scheme
RBSRingback Secure
RBSRaised Backup System (oil drilling)
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She also teaches book history at London Rare Book School, and is the editor of Printing History.
Welcome to Rare Book School, summer camp for bibliophiles.
And now there is a new urgency at Rare Book School, arguably the preeminent center for study of the book as artifact.
I was awarded the Binns Fellowship for 2007, and I took the opportunity to attend a one week Summer School course, 'Introduction to Special Collections Librarianship', at the Rare Book School of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.
The University of Virginia's Rare Book School courses are excellent for anyone with a personal or professional interest in book history, bookbinding, printing and related subjects.
Faculty, librarians, and students can deepen their knowledge of book history at summer programs at the American Antiquarian Society, Rare Book School at the University of Virginia, the new program at UIUC, and many others.
Foot is presently on the faculty of the University of Virginia's Rare Book School.
He has attended Columbia University's Rare Book School and has an A.
In 2002, I reprised it at UCLA and at Rare Book School in Charlottesville, with commentary--with the result that I am now receiving requests for both lecture and commentary.
She teaches at Rare Book School at the University of Virginia and at the Boston University College of Fine Arts.
If you have ever visited Rare Book School (RB S) at the University of Virginia, you might recognize my description of the RB S Press Room.
He also completed substantial noncredit course work related to the history of the book at the rare book schools at Columbia University and the University of Virginia.